Your Future Starts Here

At MNA, we're building an organization of employees who are highly accomplished, safety-minded, service-oriented, innovative, and driven to succeed.

Our employees are our most valuable assets. We recognize the importance of hiring a team with a diversity of ideas, experiences, and cultures that will allow us to consistently deliver superior service to our guests.


MNA is pleased to offer the following job openings:

Department: Position: Location: Number of Openings:
Flight Operations - Cabin Crew  Air Hostess RGN - Yangon Airport 25
  Flight Attendant RGN - Yangon Airport 5
  Senior Air Hostess RGN - Yangon Airport 5
Flight Operations - OCC  Flight Operations - Assistant RGN - Yangon Airport 3
Ground Handling Services- RGN Handling  Loader International Handling RGN - Yangon Airport 45
  Traffic Assistant Intl Pax Handling RGN - Yangon Airport 45
Ramp Handling  GSE Helper RGN - Yangon Airport 10

MNA is an equal opportunity employer.