Engineering / MRO

Myanmar National Airlines - Engineering

Our organization has been maintaining the various types of turboprop and jet engine aircraft since the Airlines was established in 1948. Myanmar National Airlines engineering services had been operating as Approved Inspection Organization during 1964 to 2009.

In 2009, our organization followed the rules of Myanmar Civil Aviation Regulation Part 145 and maintained the airlines aircraft as MDCA approved maintenance organization (AO/0003/64).

In 2014, we planned to conform EASA rules to establish the EASA approved MRO and had approval (EASA.145.0801) in 2018 at Yangon International Airport (YIA) which is the largest airport in Myanmar for international flight.

MNA Engineering and Maintenance

Yangon International Airport, Myanmar
+95 17533118

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Workscope of MRO is line maintenance and base maintenance for ATR 42-400/500/ATR72-100/200/212A (PW120) up to 4C Check/ 8 Years Check/ 18,000FC. Our efficient maintenance technicians offer EASA standard, safety, reliable and minimum turn-around times for our customer’s aircraft. We are continually expanding capabilities of the services to fulfill the requirements of our customer. Moreover, we can perform line maintenance for Boeing 737-800 aircraft under the approval of MCAR part 145. Provide procurement for required spares and components in time.

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Hanger Space

We have two hangars to perform maintenance of our aircraft. Our MRO hangars have slots to perform maintenance of 3 aircraft simultaneously.

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Under the EASA approval, we have Non-Destructive Testing Shop and Batteries Shop.

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Scope of Non-Destructive Testing Shop

  • Liquid Penetrant Testing
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Eddy Current Testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing Image Text

Scope of Battery Shop

  • Nickel Cadmium Batteries Capacity Testing
  • Charging
  • Restoration
  • Overhaul Image Text

Under the MCAR approval, MNA Engineer has: Sheet Metal Shop, Starter Generator Overhaul Shop, and Wheel Shop.

Storage Capacity For Materials

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  • Temperature Controlled Bonded Store
  • Storage for ESD Devices and Tools
  • Storage for Hazardous and Flammable Material

Safety and Security

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  • 24Hrs CCTV Surveillance System
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Access Control System

Additional Service

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  • Liaison between customer and OEM for technical instruction
  • Aircraft exterior washing and interior cleaning
  • Aircraft Disinfection and Disinsection
  • Engines, APU borescope inspection
  • Aircraft weighing
  • AD and SB implementation
  • Troubleshooting of aircraft system

Accommodation and Network

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  • Provide secure and private room for customer free of charge
  • Free to access Wi-Fi


  • EASA approved MRO
  • Facility at Yangon International Airport
  • Reasonable turnaround time and price
  • High safety awareness and skillful workmanship
  • We commit to provide outstanding value to customer

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Regulatory Approvals

MNA MRO obtained the regulatory approvals to maintain the following aircraft type: ATR 72 Series, BOEING 737-800

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