Mingalabar Service

You know what its like when you arrive at the airport and you just want to be on your way or to get home as soon as possible.  So do we!

So we want to make your Yangon Airport experience as smooth as possible with our unique Mingalabar Service to whisk you through the formalities on arrival, departure and when you have connecting MNA flights.

On arrival you will be met by one of our team at the aircraft door to provide assistance with your bags, a helping hand with children, and even a wheelchair with our compliments if you need one. You will then be Fast Tracked through all the arrival formalities to your transport or waiting friends.

If you are connecting on MNA, then enjoy the same great service and we will also make sure your checked baggage is efficiently transferred onto your next MNA flight.  

On departure at Yangon, we will meet you from your Limo or inside the Terminal and treat you to our Priority Check-In service followed by speeding you through the departure formalities including Immigration and Security.  Assistance with bags, children and wheelchair provision is always available just let us know what you need.

A bit of time to spare before you board - then relax in our Mingalabar Lounges in our International or Domestic Terminals with a tasty selection of snacks, beverages and complimentary Wi-Fi to keep you online.

Our unique Mingalabar Service is available to all our guests travelling on international flights.  It is complimentary if you are travelling in Business Class and available for an extra fee if you are travelling in other cabins.