Engineering and Maintenance

NDT (Non Destructive Testing)

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Penetrant Testing

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  • very sensitive to surface breaking discontinuities.
  • can be used to inspect almost any material.
  • large volumes of parts can be inspected rapidly.
  • indications are produced directly on the surface of the part.

Magnetic Particle Testing

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  • can detect both surface and subsurface defects on ferromagnetic materials.
  • can be used to inspect iron, nickel, cobalt and their alloys.
  • reliable method for locating surface cracks in ferromagnetic materials.
  • can inspect parts with irregular shape easily.

Eddy Current Testing

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  • surface and subsurface crack detection.
  • material sorting and identification.
  • determination of heat damage and conductivity.
  • cladding and plating thickness measurement.

Ultra Sonic Testing

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  • surface and internal flaw detection.
  • erosion and corrosion thickness gauging.
  • estimation of void content in composite material.
  • assessment of bond integrity and delamination.

Radiographic Testing (x-ray)

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  • detection of surface and internal flaws.
  • can inspect on most materials.
  • provides a permanent record of the inspection.
  • produce direct image of flaw.

Visual Inspection (videoscope/borescope)

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  • can be used to inspect internal area and inside surface of holes, bores and tubes of aircraft parts.
  • special detailed inspection of engine internal condition, impeller, turbine blades, vanes, shrouds, liners, etc……